6/11/2011 – News

Hey there, this is the first bit of news on this site, just letting people know that i have uploaded a couple of videos of my time-lapse photography in and around Southampton and other areas to my YouTube channel.


Shot in Southampton in varying locations and also featured on Tinywrld which was nice.


This video was shot in London as part of an exhibition which was to be shown at Brockenhurst college, Southampton for my final piece in diploma photography.

Also on there are a couple of other bits and bobs I have done all of which are in Southampton for local business’ etc.

Shortly I will be uploading some of the new stuff to the site and maybe give the people over at Freestyle Web Design a shout and re-vamp the site and tweak a few bits!

Once again, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me for prints, time-lapse work, or anything to do with photography, I will quite happily talk to anyone and will work in Southampton and surrounding areas on anything that can help you out.